How to help someone in a mental health crisis?

Mental health crisis happens when a person feels that his or her mind starts going out of control. The mental health system broke down. There are lots of definition of the problem but the definition that we provided is accurate. If you do yoga on daily basis, aparigraha pose is helpful for the depressed person.

When someone close to us suffers from the mental health crisis we try to help them. There is no perfect medicine for such problem and personal situations, but these 10 steps usually give good results. Let’s discover.

How to help someone in a mental health crisis?

How to help someone in a mental health crisis?

  1. Keep in mind that the other needs you, even if it seems you do not.
  2. Listen. I know it’s hard to believe that just listening is so useful for the other person, but believe me, the other just needs you to listen to it, without advice or solutions.
  3. Never say “calm down” or “try to cheer yourself up,” unless you are also going to give detailed and infallible instructions. Demanding love does not work. With good “love” is always enough.
  4. Understands that it is a disease. They will say things that they do not really feel.
  5. Put yourself in his place. Understand that what might seem easy to you like going to a store. For example, may be an impossible challenge for a depressed person.
  6. Do not take anything personally nor do you take personally that someone has flu or chronic fatigue syndrome or arthritis. None of this is your fault.
  7. Be patient. Understand that it will not be easy. Depression flows and refluxes and rises and falls. It does not stay still. Do not take a happy moment, or a bad one, as proof of recovery or relapse. Look for the long-term goal.
  8. Make company with him/her. Ask what you can help. The main thing you can do is simply be present.
  9. Relieves all pressure both external and internal, family, etc.
  10. Try to keep the depressant from feeling more abnormal than you already feel.

How should I behave with a sick person?


If you find yourself together with a person who is in a psychotic state and behaves strangely, you may be afraid or perhaps feeling frustrated. The important thing is to keep in mind that it is always your child, daughter, wife, husband, partner or friend. If a person is not well, it is difficult to be the same as always.

Families and friends often ask doctors how they should behave or talk to a person who is in a psychotic state. In these cases, there are no fixed rules. However, the following expedients can be useful.

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Be informed and keep in mind that it behaves or speaks differently than usual because of psychotic symptoms.
  3. Keep in mind that psychotic symptoms are stressful for everyone and you may experience a thrill of emotions – shock, fear, sadness, anger, frustration, despair.
  4. Talk to other people because it will help you cope with these emotions.
  5. Have faith that you will lose – even if it takes time. Be patient.

The final point to help them is to go to the local doctor, community health center or mental health service to find out what need to do and where to go for treatment.