Happy Feet! Solving Feet Problems With Orthotic Inserts

Solving Feet Problems

Feet are one of the most vital parts of the human body. While ensuring that we are able to move normally, they also have numerous nerve endings that control various vital organs and functions of the entire body. Ensuring one’s structural well-being is essential to overall health and can be easily managed by taking care of the support structure provided to one’s feet on a daily basis. As childhood is when most problems can be cured, it is seen as crucial to attend to these at an early stage and in a simplistic manner (through basic chiropractic care) to avoid further complications.

Usually one tries to get comfortable shoes that can ensure that our feet aren’t misaligned. In many cases however external corrective support is required, particularly for the plantar vault – which is the three interconnected arches of the foot. When corrected and set right this helps the knees as well as the ankles and prevents them from taking the undue stress. This also helps to properly align the pelvis and the spine. “Stabilizing Orthotics” work towards the aim of an overall fitter and healthier body through a close focus on the connections of the same in the feet. It has been found that good orthotics provide pain relief to numerous parts of the body including ankle pain and back pain. It is seen as an aid in various orthopedic problems such as leg length inequality, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, shin splints, sports injuries( such as sprains, bone injuries, Turf Toe etc.. ) and whiplash among others.

It is seen as crucial for diabetics to ensure the well-being of their feet, due to the changes the disease causes in their body such as poor circulation, nerve damage, slow healing, etc. This comes under the category of peripheral neuropathy. Through chiropractic treatment aided by orthotic inserts, a great deal of pain relief is provided as well as an aid in the treatment of some of the bodily anomalies that this disease induces.

Each piece protects 26 bones and over 100 muscles. The fact that it is custom made for each client ensures that variations in body types are not left unaccounted for. A consultation with a health professional or at a specialised health centre is always recommended prior to getting ones’ custom orthotic inserts. These can be customised to fit into certain pairs of shoes and remain permanently attached or can be movable and replaceable. There are also numerous companies such as Florsheim, Clarks, Acorn, Brooks, CAOs, Keen, New Balance, Naot among others who take these considerations into the designing of their footwear and offer consumers a readymade product that is scientifically designed and suited to their needs.

For one’s overall well-being it is seen as beneficial to check whether one requires these aids in footwear. Ensuring peace of mind, comfort and overall fitness of the human body through such simple additions to an individual’s life is seen as great convenience that can save thousands that would otherwise be incurred in medical bills.

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