Common emergencies for landlords renting out properties

Every landlord has a story of an awful property emergency they’ve had to contend with. Whether you’ve needed emergency glazing or a 24-hour plumber, you’re not alone. By arming yourself with these tips, you can prepare for the worst and take steps to avoid being caught unprepared for whatever life (and your tenants) throw at you!


It’s a scary and costly thought, but accidental fire is one of the most common emergencies for landlords. Fire is, at worst, a killer and, at best, can cause thousands of pounds of damage. The easiest way to prevent a fire is to kit your property with sound fire alarms, test them yourself, and encourage tenants to do so. Replace them frequently, at least between every tenancy. Invest in a small kitchen extinguisher and fire blanket, and ensure windows are up to fire safety standards. Read the Government guide to fire safety to ensure you’ve covered everything and don’t forget carbon monoxide alarms and annual gas safety checks.

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Boiler Breakdowns

During the winter months, a call from your tenant about the boiler is one of the most common emergency calls a landlord will receive. Having your boiler serviced annually will prevent specific problems from occurring while signing up for a scheme such as British Gas Homecare can avoid high callout costs. According to the experts, the best time to check the boiler is at the beginning of winter, preferably in the autumn.


It’s a sad fact of renting out property that tenants are less likely to look after it as well as an owner would, which means breakages are common. Broken glass is a common accident that can be caused by outside crime or an accident within the property. This can also include inconveniences such as broken television aerials. As well as a list that contains a local plumber, electrician, and handyman, keep the number of a TV aerial repair Bristol service handy. Find one at a site like

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Being a landlord is more challenging than it sounds. Trusting tenants with your property comes with plenty of risks, and that’s why it’s so important to prepare yourself for the worst and ensure you have adequate insurance. Ensure you have comprehensive insurance, that your appliances and fire safety items are checked regularly, and always keep a list of local professionals close to hand.