Most common first aid instances that occur in the workplace

Every year thousands of first-aid incidents take place in workplaces across the country. These can be small incidents that don’t require any medical intervention, as well as those issues that may require the individual to attend a hospital or GP surgery. It is important that all workplaces have adequate members of staff who are first aid trained. Sending them on Emergency First Aid Training Courses like the ones from can help you to keep your staff safe and enable them to receive support should an accident or injury occur.

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There are lots of common first aid instances that occur in workplaces and here are just two of them.

Cuts – there are lots of industries such as hospitality where cuts can be commonplace. Any job that involves the use of knives or other sharp instruments is likely to pose a risk of cuts occurring. It is important that your staff are trained to deal with these accidents in the appropriate way.

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Slips and trips – again these can be common in many workplaces but tend to happen in places such as shops and warehouses more often than anywhere else. It is a particular hazard in places where there are likely to be spillages or fluids that leak onto the floor.