Heat pump myths

Myth: Heat pump are too large

Fact: Two wheelie bins stacked side by side take up more space than a heat pump. This is about 1.5 metres wide.

Myth: Heat pumps work only in homes with good insulation

Fact: Heat pumps are suitable for all types of houses and can still be used in homes with less insulation. A heat pump installer will assess your home, and then set up your heat pump according to your heating needs and house type. For Air Source Heat Pumps, visit https://gsmlimited.com/services/air-source-heat-pumps

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Myth: Heat pump maintenance is expensive

Fact: Heat pumps require no more maintenance than a gas boiler. It is recommended that your heat pump be serviced annually, just as you would with a gas-fired boiler.

What is an air-source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps (also known as air-to water heat pumps) transfer heat from outside air to the water. The heat is then transferred to your home’s rooms via underfloor or radiator heating. The hot water can be heated in a cylinder to heat your showers, baths and hot taps.

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What is a heat pump that uses ground-source energy?

The ground source heat pumps transfer heat from outside to your home’s radiators and underfloor heating. It can also be used to heat the water in a hot-water cylinder for use with your showers and taps. Thermal transfer fluid, also known as brine or water-antifreeze mixture, flows through a loop of pipe that is buried in the garden. The heat from the earth is absorbed by the mixture and then passed through a heat-exchanger to the heat pump.