What can you do to make your home environmentally friendly?

We all need to face some hard facts. No matter what the internet and outgoing  Presidents of the USA might think the scientific evidence is becoming overwhelming. The world is getting warmer, the seas are filling up with plastic, soil quality is weakening and trees are feeling stressful. It seems that none of this is natural and it falls to the human factor that is responsible. Therefore we need to start changing how we live and that begins at home. Here are a few ideas.

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  1. Invest in some Double Glazing. A quick win and not as expensive as you’d think. The savings soon work themselves out when you see how much you will save in terms of the use of natural gas to heat you home. On the other side you will not have the need for an air con either.
  2. Get some cavity wall insulation. In many cases this now comes as standard on new build homes but it is not in older properties. Like double glazing it serves dual purpose by locking the heat in the home but also keeping it out in the summertime.

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  1. Grow your own veg. Becoming a vegetarian or at least a pescatarian is also a great start. With the introduction of some greenhouses and containers you can even grow your own. This means you don’t have to worry about trips to the shops and the ensuing use of diesel or petrol to get there. Your produce won’t have plastic on it either.
  2. Downlight covers from Thermahood Direct help retain the heat form LED lights reducing heat loss.




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