The basics you should know when buying a soundbar

The basics you should know when buying a soundbar

The sound bars have been an interesting option since its inception but has not been supported by the most enthusiastic audio. It is true that they have their knowledge about sound equipment consisting of sets of speakers and A / V receiver.  The facts about buying a soundbar do not mean it is a good way to improve the sound of our television and save our money. The only thing we will have to know is some points that allow us to know how far we can get for them.

Basics should know when buying a soundbar

The basics you should know when buying a soundbar

To improve the audio quality of the TV speakers in a more elegant and compact form factor than several separate speakers. Not everyone has the possibility, nor does he want to install a home cinema system in every room where he watches the television. The sound bars substantially improve the quality of a TV’s speakers. They are becoming more elegant and have more functions than to reproduce the sound of the movies.

Size and location

size and location for soundbar

It is important to know where we are going to place it. If our TV is hanging on the wall, then it is important to know if the bar can be too. Well with some own accessory or with universal options. You can put it in a small living space.

Most users place the bar always under the TV. Aesthetically I recognize that it is as best it is, but if the height is too low, placing the bar on the top of the TV is a good option. As we discussed, we must ensure that the speakers are up to our ears. Regarding size, the longer the separation between the speakers, the better to distinguish the left and right channels.

The number of speakers included in the bar. According to these, we can find systems 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, etc. The number should not fool us, but it is true that more speakers if they are also quality, more options. To see the DTT channels and listen to some music with a 2.1 system, it’s worth it if we want to enjoy the cinema better a 5.1 and if it is for games or movies that take advantage of a 7.1 configuration. Because it looks for a bar capable of offering that configuration.

Of course, to emulate the 5.1 or 7.1 experience, the bars usually have an internal layout of the speakers that allows you to send the sound to bounce on the walls and give us that sense of surround sound. So, the configuration of the room itself (square, rectangular, with more or less furniture on one side or another, etc.) affects the sound we perceive.

Number of channels according to your needs

Number of channels

You will have to decide how many audio channels you need for your new soundbar. The number of speakers determines the category and price of these sound equipment, the most modest are 2.0 or 2.1 systems (two stereo speakers with subwoofer), a fantastic alternative to the small speakers of your TV. A two-channel sound bar can have the ability to decode Dolby Digital or DTS multi-channel formats and remix it to two speakers, but it will remain stereo.

The sound bars of 5, 7, 8 or even 9 channels are intended to play any multitrack movie or song. One speaker per channel and design settings are used to bounce the sound so that it replicates the surround effect. It depends on the model, design, and quality of the sound bar to obtain a satisfactory experience here. If surround sound is your priority go to a sound bar only if you are sure you can not install a home cinema.

Sound bar with subwoofer

Sound bar with subwoofer

Always choose a sound bar with a built-in subwoofer. The improvement in sound quality, however modest the model, is very large. The bass response will be much better, and all the sound will have greater richness and body thanks to the possibility that the lower frequencies sound properly. Also, there is no longer an excuse. The latest models of Samsung sound bars have a Bluetooth subwoofer, so you do not have to have one more cable in your living room, and all include it to have the best response at low frequencies.

Be clear about your priorities

your priorities

Before looking at models, think about what you are going to connect and what connectors you will use. For example, you do not want to buy a sound bar that only has digital audio inputs if you want to connect a DVD player with the coaxial connection.

If you want your sound bar to be your musical equipment in the living room or room, I recommend you take a look at the sound bars with built-in Bluetooth. They are a fantastic option: without cables, without friction, immediate. You can now find Bluetooth sound bars at a very competitive price.

I have to highlight the functionality of the Samsung Multiroom soundbars: they can be connected to the system that allows to create a musical thread throughout the house and be controlled by the mobile, allowing to hear the same song in all rooms or a different one in each room with a Multiroom speaker or soundbar installed.

The importance of an HDMI connection

HDMI connection

Many sound bars, especially the cheapest, do not have this connection, but it may be very important to you. The inclusion of an HDMI not only gives you another additional connection as sound input, but it also allows you to transport the video to your TV. If you have a Blu-ray player or a console, it is very likely that you send the audio and video through the HDMI.

If you choose a sound bar and you have several devices connected by HDMI, the installation will be more complicated: you will have to split the audio and video connection or connect all by HMDI and the sound bar by optical digital output. I recommend that if you have multiple consoles or devices that use HDMI, you should have a sound bar if your TV is compatible with the HDMI Arc.

Forget the connection with cables

HDMI connection

Multiroom technology together with Samsung PowerOn Bluetooth allows you to connect the sound bar to your TV via Bluetooth easily. It helps us to achieve a good quality sound system without any cable lying on the floor. Also, thanks to this connection, you can operate the sound bar with the control of the TV, raise or lower the volume of both devices with the smartphone application Samsung Multiroom Link, turn them off, etc. This connection is ideal for the ease of matching, aesthetics, and functions. The wireless connection depends on the model of the sound bar, not the Samsung Multiroom function.




The power is something that seems to be always insufficient. Relax, do not obsess. If you’re going to watch movies at night, it will not help that you have so many watts of power, unless you want your neighbors to stop greeting you in the mornings. Look for the sound to be clear. Some bars promise many watts but then have bad or high pitches.

As you can see, these are obviously simple things that we should all know but still, there are times when less experienced users, who let themselves be carried away by the opinion of anyone. Ignore it and end up making a bad investment. If you are interested in buying a sound bar, you know. And if you are not sure why models start buying a soundbar in the coming days.