The 10 workout applications that work as an exercise assistant

January is the month in which people intend to start some routine in the gym, either as a new beginning of the year goal or to get in shape after the last vacation. In this article, we present 10 workout applications that work as an exercise assistant in home and gym.

Therefore, if you are one of the people who is continuing the task of going to work out or coming to the gym for the first time. You should be aware that there are extra aids to keep track of your routines such as applications. Keep reading: How To Get Rid Of Belly Pooch With Hip Flexor Stretching

Workout applications

workout applications

Technological consumption measurement company Technical Group conducted a study in March 2018 among 500 people in the United States who commonly visited a gym. The company found that 44% of the respondents had an application installed on their phone to track their progress or record the routines of each day, so they compared the physical results of this group of technophiles with the remaining 56%, which did not have any application on your mobile. Keep reading

When looking for an application, keep in mind that some are dedicated only to the follow-up of exercises, others to the suggestion of activities and there are also those that connect with wearables to improve their functioning.

10 workout applications

Bearing this in mind, LR shows you 10 of these new workout applications for you to include when performing your physical activities.

workout applications


Specialized in cardio. Use GPS to follow the activities and thus measure the distance traveled that becomes calories burned. The app reads the work done to add more training over time.

Spinning Center Gym app

It is one of the few apps owned by gyms in Colombia. It assesses the daily and weekly caloric consumption. The work is recorded in the monitoring tables and has more than 100 explanatory videos.

Fitness – Home & Gym Workouts

Special for people enrolled in a gym, it shows what machines can be used according to their objectives. Use 3D animations to better understand the activities.

Nike + Running

It is an application dedicated to runners with the aim of preparing for future races. It measures the time of the pieces of training, calculates the meters traveled per second and suggestions to improve the pace.

Gym: Exercises & Routines

The information contained in this app is divided into exercises that can be performed according to the part of the body that you want to exercise. It has more than 10 practices for abdomen, arms or legs.

Abdominals – 8 minutes

It is an application that focuses on the abdominal area according to the weight and sex of the person. Suggests routines to do at home and gyms in a short time, especially eight-minute-a-day practices.

8fit: Exercise and nutrition

The tool is aimed at people who exercise from home and launches programs according to the user’s available time. The premium feature has attendees and coaches to follow the plan online.

workout applications

Personal Dietitian

The app is dedicated to nutrition based on the exercise that has been carried out. It takes into account the calories that the body needs, those that burn in an activity and how to handle them according to the personal objective.

JEFIT Exercise Monitor

In six months he obtained 5.5 million downloads, which made it one of the most used apps in Latin America. He has 1,300 home exercises and another 500 for a gym. Improve the performance of wearables.

Personal Trainer: Workouts!

It has online coaches to offer step-by-step guides for audio, photo, or video. According to the user’s physical level, it offers exercises such as lifting weights, cardio, yoga, or rock climbing.

Final thought,

The curious fact was that these workout applications, as they mostly include tables to bring results and suggest new activities, generated greater discipline among the other people. So, they saw faster results. But these applications are not only for gym customers. They are also for those who seek exercise at home. Some have a coach who based on weight and time available plan certain routines. You may also read: