How often to shower in winter? Avoid some mistakes

November, December, and January is the month of winter. Maximum country covered with cold wind and fog. People fear to go into the bathroom for taking a bath. Bath is the main part of cleanliness. Our skin remains fresh and healthy. It requires continuation. In this article, we are going to consult with how often to shower in winter and when not. Keep reading.

How often to shower in winter

How often to shower in winter

Regarding health, the answer is overwhelming. Twice a week is enough. According to Larson, it is necessary to lather holes, back, and groin. Here secretions of strong odor are produced. The doctor even goes further and says that showering in excess can be harmful: dry and scaly skin can cause for germs and bacteria.

The antibacterial soaps and cleaning products that many people use in their homes are no better than plain soap to reduce the risk of infectious diseases. In fact, according to Time, some research has linked triclosan, an ingredient found in many of these products, to possible health risks.

Avoid the mistakes

In the shower, many can do whatever they want. But no. Get the answer.


Bath twice a week

Washing too often causes disturbances in the balance of the skin and the microbial flora that is found there and that helps the body prevent infections. If people wash their hands often enough and pay attention to the hygiene of the intimate areas, take a shower or bath even a little less it frequently does not hurt. Twice a week should not be a problem if people use a bidet every day to avoid infections in the “low parts,” which are particularly prepared. We pay too much attention to beauty and perfume, while we should wash ourselves to avoid getting sick, not for external reasons. “


Should not bath more than 20 minutes

Dr. Anjali Mahto, dermatologist and speaker of the British Skin Foundation, told MailOnline: “You should not wash for more than twenty minutes. Water is an irritant to the skin, so the longer you stay in contact, the more your skin will become irritated and dry. The oil of the sebaceous glands moisturizes the skin, so taking a shower for too long will deprive it of the necessary moisture.

Dr. Laura Ishmail, a cosmetic surgeon, explained that the high level of calcium contained in the water could irritate the already prepared skin. So, avoid overdoing the duration of the shower. And above all, do not rub vigorously: excessively desquamate the skin, aided by the negative effects of water.

hot water

No hot water

Even the temperature is important: you should prefer lukewarm water. Hot water, that which we like and relaxes us so much, is very bad. He explains to Daily Mail Australia Kaye Scott: “A hot shower can dilate and therefore more easily irritate the fragile network of capillaries, leading to a worsening of skin conditions, as well as unsightly redness. Especially in the face and in the most sensitive areas “. So, avoid bumping face up, under the jet: it hurts.

bath hair

Keep attention to the hair

It is worth dedicating a chapter to your hair. The hot water that is so damaging to the skin and frequent washings are bad for the same reason, even to the hair, because they lyse and invite the sebaceous glands of the hair to secrete extra oil, thus making them much fatter. The hair stylist Andrew Barton specifies that “not only hot water but also the excessive rubbing of the scalp encourages sebum secretion. And then, after gently massaging the scalp with little shampoo, do not need to insist on the tips, washed already by the shampoo that naturally comes down in the rinse. In this way, you will avoid the weakening and the breaking of the tips.

If you are one of those who combs it energetically to remove the knots during or at the end of the shower, then, nothing more wrong: wet hair is very fragile. If you want to do it, ok for a wide-toothed comb with conditioner. And then, do not squeeze them in a towel, when you get out of the shower, because they get damaged: dab them gently, without squeezing or squeezing or rubbing.

Soap and shampoo

Soap and shampoo must be diluted

Do not put soap and shampoo directly on your skin or hair. First, they must be diluted on the palm with a little water. They are chemical mixtures of often highly concentrated substances. If combined with the negative effect of water and rubbing, they would completely ruin the skin.

Soap and shampoo

Wash the remaining accessories in the shower well

Sponges, exfoliating gloves and razors that stand in practically every shower are the ideal den for the development of microbes, firstly because exfoliating the skin, there are still dead cells on the surface and, secondly, because the typical humidity of the baths helps bacteria to reproduce. The dermatologist Dr. Sam Bunting explains: “The warm and humid environment of the shower is a suitable place for the growth of bacteria and fungi. Also because the sponges take time to dry and, retaining these dead cells, are potential sources of infection “. It is therefore recommended to keep all these instruments well washed and to let them dry in the open area. The same goes for towels that are waiting for us outside the shower: they should not remain wet for long, nor stink of musty.


Shave at the right time

Usually, one comes in and tries to take his mind off right away, but passing the razor immediately hurts. You should wait at least ten minutes, the time that water and steam dilate the pores and make the depilation less traumatic as possible. Be careful not to cut yourself. To use a clean razor (see above): if the skin should get irritated or cut, use cold water to alleviate the discomfort and close the pores.


Do not neglect the navel

The navel, which we tend to ignore, is a den of dangerous bacteria and germs, which can reach up to two thousand. So, just because its shape does not help its hygiene, let’s focus a little more on that point.

Do not open your mouth underwater

We did it as a child. It’s part of the game, a little bit. But it is a mistake to open your mouth while taking a shower and – worse than worse – drinking water: the one that flows into the pipes and can enter the mouth is not always very potable, contains bacteria, lime scale. So, it is better to keep your mouth closed.

Put the moisturizer immediately afterward

When you go out, do not stay in a bathrobe or on the sofa. Your skin, we have said above, has undergone a stress and must be rebalanced with a moisturizer or body milk, and immediately after, when the skin is still wet and warm, because it will better absorb the treatment.

Final words,

I recommend to readers that they take a shower every day but that they do not lather the whole body. If you have allergy with cold, take shower 3 times weekly. In the areas where secretions of strong smell are produced. Use soap according to your needs. In the case of hair, two times bath a week are also sufficient. It is essential. Wash your hands and clothes very well. It is where dead cells and dirt accumulate.