How to Decorate a Room like a Pro

If you are starting to decorate a room that only has brick walls, thinking about how you can transform them into perfectly smooth painted walls can be a very daunting task. In this article, we will go through every important step, so you can decorate your room like a professional.

The first job will be to fit plasterboard, you can get this from any hardware store, such as B&Q. You will need to measure and cut your plasterboard to fit the walls and ceiling. You will need to secure it in place with either screws or adhesive. You will need to make sure that you are fitting them level and straight. Doing this will make the next steps a lot easier.

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The next step is to fill and plaster the walls. Before you start this though you will want to apply mesh tape to all the joints and gaps in the plasterboard. This will help the plaster stick to the gaps when applied. Plastering can be a very tricky job, so it is advised you watch a lot of video tutorials before you give it a try. Alternatively, you could pay for a professional Plasterer Cheltenham to come and do it for you. This would save you a lot of time and frustration than trying to do it yourself. An example of a plasterer is

After the plaster has fully dried, it is then time to paint your room. You will want to start by applying a primer coat of paint to initially soak into the walls, meaning you will not need to use as much of your final paint colour. If you have one available, you could use a spray gun to apply your primer, as it is a lot faster and easier to obtain an even coat.

Once your primer is dry, it is time to apply your chosen paint colour. You can apply this with either a roller or a brush. Make sure you apply even pressure on all the walls to obtain a consistent finish. You may need to apply two coats of paint to ensure that your chosen colour is as vibrant as can be.

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If you take your time following these steps, you will be able to take your room from boring brick walls, to a perfectly smooth painted room.