Consider Improving Not Moving

Don’t be discouraged if your plans to move to a larger and better home have been delayed. It may actually be better to make improvements to the house you are currently in. You are certainly not alone in thinking that staying put might be a good idea, especially with house prices so high and finances being squeezed. In a survey, 91% of homeowners considering moving decided to stay for at least six more months. It seems that for most people, improving the home you live in is the best solution.

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It is also a good thing to avoid the stress of trying to sell a house in an unreliable market. Improvements will also add value to your home when you decide to sell it. It is important to maximise the value of your house, as it will likely be your largest purchase. What simple steps can be taken to increase the value of your home?

You can extend your home into the loft, basement or an extension if you need more space with Cotswolds House Extensions. Loft conversions add value to your house and can be used as playrooms, offices, bedrooms, or bathrooms. It is not necessary to obtain planning permission, which is a good thing. While you are up there, consider installing solar panels in order to lower your fuel costs. You could turn it into an entertainment room or home cinema that potential buyers would love. For information on Cotswolds House Extensions, contact Bay Tree Homes.

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You might consider an extension if you want a larger kitchen or an additional bedroom. Planning permission is required, but the government hopes to make it easier. The value of a single- or double-storey extension could increase by 10 to 50 percent, so the investment may be well worth it.

It was once unfashionable to extend into the basement, but it is becoming more popular. This is a relatively new and unusual idea that can really add a wow factor to a home. It’s easy to do if your home has a cellar. This can be an expensive option, as you’ll need to take into account structural issues, damp issues and party wall problems. Check that your house is not located in an area at risk of flooding.

You can still make improvements to your home if you do not want to extend, or if you have a limited budget. You can update your home by redecorating, cleaning the garden, replacing doors and windows, and installing designer radiators, for example.