7 Items Never to Buy Online

People buy all sort of things online, but there are things you should avoid buying online. Here are seven of them from best online casino for real money.

1. Cars

A car is not exactly a small purchase. Before you buy one, you’ll definitely want to give it a test drive or, at the very least, see it for yourself in person.

2. Musical Instruments

A musical instrument is also a serious investment, even if it’s not as expensive as a car. You don’t want to risk buying one online that doesn’t play like you want it to. Plus, each musical instrument is different, and novices especially will want to go to a brick-and-mortar music store to enlist the help of a knowledgable employee. And for more shopping tips, don’t miss these 23 Genius Tricks for Shopping Craigslist.

3. Cosmetics

The online counterfeit makeup and perfume industry is on the rise in the United States. Unfortunately it’s all too common for an online shopper to be enticed by the lower prices of fake versions of name-brand makeup and unknowingly purchase a knockoff. But since you can’t be sure of what ingredients are going into counterfeit concealers or mascaras, your best bet is to buy makeup in a store where you know everything is 100 percent authentic.

4. Children’s Shoes

Since children’s feet grow at such an exponential rate, it’s better to go to a brick-and-mortar store for a proper professional fitting than to buy shoes online that might not fit. Kids are especially finicky when it comes to footwear, so you’ll save yourself time, effort, and money by just going to the store to let your child try on shoes.

5. Flowers

Though ordering flowers online is certainly convenient, you don’t know what the final product is going to look like until it arrives at its final destination. As one experiment from Consumer Reports clearly demonstrated, what you see online is not always what you get, and this is especially the case with floral arrangements. But the games at www.francaisonlinecasinos.net are definitely what you’re going to get.

6. Furniture

There are several benefits to buying a piece of furniture in store versus online. For starters, most stores will offer either significant discounts or free shipping when items are purchased in person. Online shipping for large pieces of furniture, on the other hand, often ends up costing an arm and a leg.

7. Mattresses

According to Consumer Reports, a mattress—which can cost as much as $4,000—can last for as long as 10 years if treated properly. Seeing as this pricey purchase is such a long-term investment, it’s important to actually test out different mattresses at a certified retailer before you settle on one, taking into consideration everything from comfort to cost.

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