7 symptoms of endometriosis that you probably do not know

It is essential to learn to identify the symptoms of endometriosis in order to get an early diagnosis and not suffer major complications that could compromise our general health. The physical exercise and healthy eating are essential to help the effectiveness of medical procedures. Beyond the growth and appearance of endometrial tissue in the female reproductive system and surroundings, there are other symptoms of endometriosis that may indicate that it is time to visit your gynecologist.

How to Recognize Asperger’s Syndrome Symptoms of Child

Belonging to the disorders of the autistic spectrum, Asperger’s Syndrome is defined as a neurodevelopmental disorder. Its main characteristic is the simulation in the area of social interaction and the presence of patterns of rigid and repetitive behaviors and interests in those who have it. they suffer. Here we bring how to recognize Asperger’s syndrome symptoms in the child.