How to arrange plants in living room?

How to arrange plants in living room

Plants are capable of brightening up any corner of the house. Its presence oxygenates the atmosphere and gives the room incredible freshness. Regardless of the decorative style you have chosen for your home. The plant element coordinates with everything. We give you clues on how to arrange plants in the living room.

The plants in the living room feel very comfortable. Distributing different species in what is probably the place where you spend the most time will positively affect your health.

How to arrange plants in living room?

How to arrange plants in living room

The plants in the living room look good. It does not matter if your living room has a minimalist, bohemian or exotic air. The secret is to choose the species and adapt their number to the available meters.

Surely in the decoration magazines or blogs that you consult, you have seen many Nordic salons. This minimalist style is very fashionable. The ‘less is more does not take plants out of the equation. A couple of palm trees on the sides of the sofa or armchair will be ideal.

Minimalist living room plants

If your decorative tastes are more casual and you move more towards the bohemian style with chic touches, you must have plants in the living room. Since it is a discipline that praises the natural elements, some macrame pendants will be perfect.

Boho living room plants

The same happens if you are passionate about traveling the world and have a special predilection for remote places. The Asian influence in the decoration takes plants into account, so don’t limit yourself and receive them as they deserve in your exotic living room.

Exotic living room plants

The pots will be your great allies when bringing the plants to the living room and giving them the prominence they deserve. Pick a spot near the window, so they don’t lack natural light.

Plants need sunlight. That is why the window sill that faces the interior of the living room is one of the most recommended corners to distribute your pots. Be careful with the height of the plants. Make sure they do not obstruct the views of the outside.

Plants in the window

The creepers are great if you want to use them to form part of the mural decoration. The large flowerpots next to the sofa are a trend. Another idea is to use small support on the back of the sofa to place the small copies.

Shelf with plants in the living room

There are interesting metal, synthetic fiber or wooden supports on the market that will allow you to distribute your plants on the ground. You can place the pots directly on the ground on a plate, but these structures will prevent damage.

Pots on the ground

One of the trends related to indoor plants that are hitting the most is getting a maxi plant. These specimens, not suitable for low ceilings or minimal living rooms, have a majestic bearing and bring the forest to your home.


The great advantage of plants is that, as long as they do not lack light or watering, they will fill your living room with their beauty for a long time. Use shelves, a sideboard or a ladder to give them a starring role.

Some people give importance to their collection of novels by ordering their copies in a bookstore in the living room. In this case, we are talking about plants, which also have the right to be admired. The shelves on any wall that you have free are a fantastic solution.

Shelves in the living room with plants

That sideboard where you keep the crockery, glassware, table linens and cutlery for great occasions is crying out for you to crown it with plants. This type of furniture is sometimes bland because it does not have that kind and natural touch that plants give.

Sideboard with plants in the living room

If you do not have room to place shelves on the wall or do not want to remove those beautiful paintings, get a ladder-type shelf. This type of furniture is great to hold and display your plants in the living room. Place the vines on top.

These are some ideas for arranging plants in the living room. Can you think of more suggestions on how to arrange plants in living room?