Can I really hang a chandelier there?

There are a few places that you just wouldn’t envision hanging a ceiling fixture like a chandelier. When you hear the word, it invokes pictures of French castles and gigantic assembly halls, yet probably not your downstairs toilet! However, these days, there are no boundaries in terms of where a chandelier can be positioned to look amazing in your home. Here are a few suggestions:

The Bedroom

The majority of us would mull over introducing such a sizable lighting fitting over our beds. In addition to the fact that it would perhaps look overpowering, we would normally reserve such stand-out pieces for areas of higher footfall in the home. Be that as it may, there is no doubt that a smaller crystal light fixture would look astounding in a bedroom. You’ll give the room a genuine dash of extravagance, romance and wonder that will make you feel like a million dollars. Dimmable lights likewise make the ideal climate for unwinding and loosening up. Ensure your light fitting is set off perfectly with a stylish ceiling rose. For an exciting range of Ceiling Roses, visit

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You likely think this recommendation is somewhat bonkers. How might you be able to conceivably hang a chandelier outside? Wouldn’t it get damaged the elements? Modern materials in fact do allow for this very prospect. In the event that you have a unique porch, yard, patio or balcony, such a light fitting can transform the presence of the space.

In the Bathroom

Depending on the tallness of your ceiling, a light fixture can be the ideal expansion in making a sumptuous 5-star hotel style bathroom suite. Picture the delight of unwinding in the tub while looking at the lights glinting off the gems suspended above you. Safety-wise, it’s advisable not to hang a light fitting directly over a bath. Choosing a bespoke light fixture is a great idea as you can accommodate your lighting to fit your space.

For the Kitchen

For bigger kitchens, a light fixture looks awesome when set over an island counter for instance. It can change the room into a fascinating and exquisite space. Kitchens should be utilitarian, yet there is no reason why they can’t be adorned with central light fitting to ‘wow’.  In a kitchen where cooking happens, the perfect spot is away from stoves and boilers or the lighting will draw in oil and earth particles. A low upkeep and less multifaceted light fixture is perfect for this sort of high-traffic room.

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Home office

Chandeliers can work well in both retail and office environments and there’s no reason why the same can’t be said of your home office or study. Offices do need task lighting to enlighten workstations appropriately, but often this can result in a harsh, artificial feel that tires the eyes. A crystal fitting brings a layer of inviting warmth, mollifying the space around it and transforming a clinical environment into an exquisite and soothing one.

The basics you should know when buying a soundbar

The sound bars have been an interesting option since its inception but has not been supported by the most enthusiastic audio. It is true that they have their knowledge about sound equipment consisting of sets of speakers and A / V receiver.  The facts about buying a soundbar do not mean it is a good way to improve the sound of our television and save our money. The only thing we will have to know is some points that allow us to know how far we can get for them.

How to choose the cleaning staff

Do you want to know what you should take into account when choosing the cleaning staff for your home or business?

Cleaning companies know this well: There are a number of qualities that cleaning professionals must meet and that they take into account when making your choice. Here we tell you how to choose the cleaning staff for your home or business.

It is recommended to go with a trend to “all in one” offerings like CBG, as they got all kinds of solution for cleaning and experienced staff to provide more professional service. But we will cover the other queries that maybe rise on your mind when choosing a cleaning staff. How can we know if an employee of a cleaning company is professional, serious and competent? What requirements do companies require to hire their cleaning staff?

Most experts in the sector advise paying attention to three qualities to assess a potential staff: honesty, experience, and responsibility. A staff that is honest and decent, is a professional highly valued in all areas, but in the cleaning even more if possible, since the workers usually work alone in spaces full of personal belongings or objects or professionals. That the cleaning staff is honest will give us peace of mind and confidence to get better service.

The experience is equally important. Although it may not seem like it, some types of specialized cleaning require skilled workers in the treatment and handling of specific machinery or cleaning products. Here, the experience is vital to reduce possible incidents. But also in the domestic or business sector, it is necessary to have an expert cleaning staff. When we hire a professional for our home or our store, for example, we want to find everything clean, collected and disinfected, and we want it not to have broken or damaged anything. Therefore, a worker who knows how to organize, what chemicals to use for what type of surfaces or how to get perfect finishes and brightness while sanitizing the space will be a worker who will not be short of work.

Finally, responsibility is another highly outstanding quality and is closely related to the previous two. A responsible staff is an honest worker because they care about putting care and attention into what they do and accepting their fault or their incidence with honesty if a mishap occurs. But not only that: they respect they schedule of entry and exit, respects the internal organization of the house, office or business, takes advantage of the time and responds satisfactorily to the orders given by the owner or by a superior.

On the other hand, a responsible professional is also an experienced professional, since they will be used to doing their job and doing it well, in a serious and efficient way.

So, based only on these qualities, can we choose the cleaning staff? Yes and no, since the selection will not be complete without a personal interview. In the personal interview, you can capture all these qualities, but also others that go beyond the purely professional to enter the psychological and personal. In a physical meeting we can corroborate if what the professional says is true, we can observe their behavior, their aptitudes and their temperament, which will tell us a lot about how the worker will be when they are alone at home, in the office or our business and if we can trust them to choose them as a cleaning staff.

Moving Tips and Interior Design Tricks

Moving properties is the chance at starting a new life. In that new life, it is absolutely possible to own and live in your dream home. Settling for anything less won’t give you happiness, and it won’t allow you to enjoy the property or the space as much as you should. Home is where the heart is, and by following these great moving tips and interior design tricks, you can transform your next property from great to a complete dream: 

When House Hunting, Look for Potential

Whether you are moving to upgrade your property or moving to a new town entirely, what is important is that you look for the potential. This applies whether you are looking at Studio City real estate or homes in the Midwest. It is exceedingly unlikely you will just find your dream home without searching for it. Work with an experienced real estate agent, such as those at Berkshire Hathaway to help you find what you’re looking for.

Make These Key Changes First

When you first look at a new property, chances are you will notice what you want to change. While things like a kitchen renovation or new layout are big ticket items and should be held off until you really understand how you live in the space, some projects are best done before you move in. If you hate the old pink carpeting the previous owner had upstairs, then there is no better time to clear it out and replace the flooring before there is any furniture to contend with, and so on. Walls, floors, and easy switches like door handles or taps are great ways to immediately improve your home with little hassle.

How to Design Each Room to Perfection

To design each room to utter perfection you should start with a mood board. It can be very hard to convey what we want when describing an item abstractly. By instead compiling sources of inspiration and organizing them by room, you can visualize what you want and see what looks good together.

Generally speaking, a well put together room is one that anchors its accents. There should bring harmony to the space, so that you can add your favorite unique accent chairs in your living room and have them perfectly balanced within the space.

How to Ensure Harmony Throughout Your Home

When you are designing your home, remember to keep it harmonious. Having each room feel like a beginning and end can actually make it feel more claustrophobic. By instead having a few key elements appear in every room, like natural woods and plants, you can be expressive and inventive with every room and make it feel cohesive at the same time.

Don’t Forget Landscaping

Finally, the landscaping. Assuming that your home design efforts should begin and end indoors is a mistake. Even if your yard space is a balcony, you owe it to yourself to ensure you enjoy spending as much time outdoors as you do indoors. We are connected to nature, after all, and by putting design into a yard, we can improve the look and feel of any property.

Finding a great home with lots of potential is the first step. The second is to commit to a life of improvements, because so long as you can make your home better every step of the way, you will be sure to love it for decades to come.

Choosing the right doors for your home

The huge choice of doors can be overwhelming. There are many factors to consider when you are choosing a door for your home. How long will it last? Will it need on-going maintenance? Does it offer the security that you need? Will it look good in your home?
Here is some essential information on the types of doors available that will help you make the right decision.

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Natural wooden doors

Wooden or timber doors have been the traditional choice for centuries. Timber was locally available in most parts of the country and with plenty of talented local carpenters on hand, you really couldn’t go wrong.

They are still a very popular choice and many people feel that they are the most attractive option, especially for period properties. There is a huge variety of timber available and your choice will be dictated by how you want your door to look as well as your budget.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) doors

PVC is a type of plastic that is very durable and hard wearing. It is a very popular choice for Dublin windows and doors. There is a large variety on the market in different colours and designs.

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When you choose PVC doors, or windows, from a reputable supplier such as, you are getting a product that is durable, anti-corrosive and moisture resistant.

Glass panel doors

Glass is a popular material to be used in panels of doors that are made from wood or PVC. They are especially popular on back doors that lead into a garden, as privacy is not such an issue. Glass panels on front doors are often obstructed in some way for privacy. Stained glass panels set into wooden frames are especially attractive, but can be costly.

If you intend fitting the door yourself, it is worth remembering that glass panels can make the door very heavy. According to the official police guidance, you can make your home safer by fitting laminated glass or buying a film to stick over the glass.

Fibreglass doors

Fiberglass is a strong yet light material. The glass fibres can be bonded with resin which produces a hard material that is easy to maintain. The doors do not warp or twist and are good insulators.

Use this guidance to select the right door to enhance your home.

Cleaning a Cast Iron Bath: The Essentials

A cast iron bath can add atmospheric practicality to a bathroom. To keep your bath looking good, however, there are a number of do and don’ts. The interior of the bath will have a vitreous enamel coating, and while this lining is tough, it can be damaged with carelessness.

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Be Kind to Your Enamel

To avoid scratching your enamel, avoid using extremely abrasive substances on its surface, as these can scratch or even degrade it. Damaged or scratched enamel attracts dirt and lime scale, which add to the problem. Acidic solvents or cleaners are also unkind to enamel and again can degrade the surface or even change the colour (and not for the better). Even vinegar can damage the enamel surface. Try to avoid scratching or scuffing the bath’s interior when you are cleaning it, as a build-up of abrasions over time may mean that the bath’s surface needs to be refinished.

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Gently Does It

A well-cared-for bath is best cleaned according to the principle of little and often. A good habit to acquire is giving the bath a little wash-down every time you use it. Wiping the bath dry will also help to prevent mildew or mould developing. An easy and safe way of cleaning the bath is to fill it with warm water, add a dash of dish washing liquid and allow it to sit and gently dissolve stains and grime. Then drain the bath and dry it with a soft cloth.

The freestanding bath is distinctive, and it makes ro a real designer statement in any kind of bathroom. For more inspiration on the difference a freestanding bath could make in your home, see this report from The Guardian.

If you are inspired to find out more about cast iron baths in Ireland, it would be worthwhile to contact local experts such as A reputable company like this should be able to provide any advice you might need on cast iron baths in Ireland.

The cast iron bath is a stylish addition to the bathroom of any home. Make sure that yours remains in top condition by treating it kindly. Don’t scratch it or tip acid on it, and you should have a beautiful item for bathing that will deliver many years of distinguished service.

The 9 Best Home Insurance Companies in the USA

Home insurance falls within the sector of property and casualty insurance. Before buying a home insurance policy, you should learn more about the different companies that offer these policies. Your goal should be to buy insurance coverage from a company. It is financially stable and has a high degree of customer satisfaction with respect to claims and billing issues.