How Slim Carnivores Choose to Eat Meat

Do you have meat cravings but are concerned about the potential negative health effects? Well, here’s some good news. There are some healthy meats available that can satisfy your craving and still help you feel slim and healthy. Choosing the right meats means a meal low in fat and cholesterol content. As a general rule, the meat from grass fed or pastured animals is always the best choice for good health. The second choice should be to buy meats which are specified as organic and no antibiotics or hormones are used to make them grow. Some such healthy food is discussed below.

How Slim Carnivores Choose to Eat Meat

How Slim Carnivores Choose to Eat Meat


Beef is thought of being extremely fatty but it depends on the quality of the beef. For example Sirloin steaks are lean meat and are healthy food which has just three to four percent fat. They make great hamburgers and can also be added to salads. For a 110 gram serving it has it has 5.1 grams of fat, 136 calories and a boost of 36 grams of protein.


White meat has always been a better option than red meat. Chicken is not only tasty but also is quite low in fat without the skin. It is also less expensive and easily available as compared to other meats. But one should carefully cook it at high temperatures to kill any infections or germs associated with it.


Being low in fat and tastier than chicken this bird is slowly occupying the menus of many. A 110 gram of serving has 119 calories and 1 gram of fat. It is assumed that turkey makes one sleepy but it is just a myth.


Pork is now considered as a healthy alternative to red meat. When eaten in small quantities they tend to be very lean and delicious. If pork stimulates your taste buds then go for tenderloin with a spice rub by grilling or boiling it. Avoid frying and fatty sauces.

Meats are healthy food, but should be consumed in small portions occasionally. Adding it daily to your meals may increase the chances of being overweight and other health issues like colon cancer etc. You can enjoy it till it serves as a source of protein for the body you crave for its ultimate taste.


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