Pros and Cons of a Vegetarian Weight Loss Program

Of the thousands of weight loss programs out there, you might be considering a vegetarian weight loss program. Is it really for you? Could this be the program to help you lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle?

What is a Vegetarian Weight Loss Program?

There are the weight loss programs that have you eating no carbohydrates. Some have you eating only protein. Some might have you hardly eating. Then there is the vegetarian weight loss program. It’s something totally different.

In layman terms, a vegetarian diet is one that doesn’t contain meat. You won’t find steak, chicken, or even fish in any program designed for vegetarians. There will be loads of fruits and vegetables as well as nuts. But there will be no meat.

Those that prefer a vegetarian lifestyle see more benefits from the vegetarian diet than one that contains meat. They can and do eat items that come from animals such as eggs and milk. But fruits and vegetables are their main staple. Even within vegetarian plans, there are various degrees of what types of foods are “allowed” and not “allowed”.


Pros and Cons of a Vegetarian Weight Loss Program

Pros and Cons of a Vegetarian Weight Loss Program

Considering Vegan Diet Weight Loss

If you’re not familiar with a vegetarian diet, you might get it confused with a vegan diet. They are very similar yet are worlds apart. Many people get them confused.

A vegetarian does not eat meat. A vegan goes even further. Vegans do not eat anything that comes from an animal. In fact, some won’t eat foods that affect animals at all. This includes certain grains that are harvested with casualties found in small animals including deer. Farm equipment doesn’t always see what it’s harvesting and the results can be deadly for some animals.

A vegan diet omits eggs, milk, and anything else that is animal related. Many vegans choose not to wear clothing made from animals, like leather. A vegetarian tends to focus just on eliminating meat from his diet.

Some who have tried a vegetarian program also experiment with vegan programs. If you’re really not committed to them, these types of programs can be hard to follow. Supplements are needed and a very careful eating plan should be adopted so that you get the requisite amount of protein daily.

It’s a matter of getting used to it which can take time. Consider that if you’re looking at going beyond simple vegetarian diet plans. Time will be needed. Don’t give up before you really give it a chance.

Healthy Vegetarian Weight Loss Plans

If you’re looking for a healthy vegetarian plan, you need one that is balanced in what you eat. This is important in any diet, but especially true in a vegetarian or vegan plan. Why? Because you’re not eating the “usual” food items you’re accustomed to.

With no meat in your diet, the amount of typical protein is much less. A healthy vegetarian plan balances the needs of your body and ensures that the right amount of protein is taken in through other sources such as nuts.

A plan that says its vegetarian but doesn’t present a well proportioned menu is not a healthy one.

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Vegetarian Weight Loss Meal Plans

There are many meal plans that are healthy and successful vegetarian focused. At first, you might think that with no meat in the diet that you’re limited to just a handful of choices. That is a big misconception and one of the reasons many don’t try vegetarian plans.

How many vegetables are there for you to choose from? When you start listing them from memory, you end up with just a handful which makes a vegetarian program less attractive. But you’ve only scraped the tip of the large vegetable iceberg.

There are literally thousands of vegetables to choose from. You don’t just have corn, peas, broccoli, and tomatoes (which is technically a fruit). What about eggplant, squash, okra, endive, jicama, chard, and more? That’s not counting the different kinds of corn, tomatoes, squash, etc.

Not all tomatoes taste the same. Not all squash have the same flavor. Add various seasonings and you have an unlimited tasteful smorgasbord. Add some fruit on the menu and all the ways you can prepare them and you might never miss meat.

The vegetarian meal plans you want are the ones with tons of variety and unique ways to prep and flavor the foods. Consider it a food adventure. The more variety you have, the more you’ll enjoy eating the meals. A vegetarian weight loss program might not be so far-fetched.

Is a Vegetarian Weight Loss Program for You?

Not everyone is cut out to take on a vegetarian program. Then again, it might just be a matter of gradually adjusting to it. You really never know until you give it a try.

Start by having just one meal vegetarian. Make it the meal you easily skip. That way your mind won’t be telling your body that you need the meat and you need more of everything.

Next, change one meal a week for the family into vegetarian. Make it a subtle change. For example, have spaghetti but leave the meat out of the sauce.

Slowly replace meat laden meals with vegetables and fruit. If you can handle that, then a vegetarian program might be right for you. If you can’t, then find another healthy weight loss program that allows you to have the meat you want.

Vegetarian weight loss programs are overall much healthier than those that eat a large amount of meat. That is one of the biggest pros. Some that have gone of these programs claim that they lost the weight faster. That could be true and, of course, another pro.

The cons come in having the balanced diet. You need to have that balanced menu plan or you’ll only harm your body instead of helping it. Another con is the length of time you might need to adapt to the plan.

Overall, a vegetarian plan is one that you should at least look into and consider seriously. Maybe you adopt a modified version. See what a good, healthy vegetarian weight loss program can do for you.

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