A healthy recipe for your diet

Talking about healthy diet recipes for fast natural diet,the thing you may concern is to maintain food intake. Basically, the natural diet recipe can answer your question about fast and natural diet.

A healthy recipe for your diet

A healthy recipe for your diet

Diet Food Recipes
Week 1 to week 3: Low Carbohydrate Diet
A diet recipe for breakfast: You should try to eat one boiled egg or omelet during breakfast. You can also combine them with a cup of wheat or oatmeal.For the beverage, drink a cup of low fat milk but high in protein and 9 tablespoon of brown rice.Add 150 grams of lean chicken, beef, or fish if you don’t like both meat and chicken. Don’t forget to add a half bowl of vegetables.
Afternoon snack: for an afternoon snack, it is enough to take a piece of grilled meat or fish. It will be okay if you replace them with 1- 2 tempe or tofu.

Diet menu for your dinner: Eat 200 g chicken breast or fish as your menu for dinner. If you prefer beef than chicken breast, you can have it. But it must be non-fat one and the weight must be 200 grams only. Now for your snack in the evening you can take a high milk protein (whey protein) but remains low fat and low sugar.
Week 4: Normal Carbohydrate Diet

A diet recipe in the morning: on the 4th week, you can start your day by eating normally with a certain dose. Apply this recipe: have an omelet or boiled egg as your breakfast, then 2 whole wheat bread or 1 cup of oatmeal.Add high-protein milk as well. Make sure that the milk is low in fat and sugar. Asyour snack, take 3 pieces of tempe or tofu and also eat an apple or orange.

Diet menu for lunch: eat a heavy meal for your lunch, but you’d better pay attention to the menu. Eat 16 tablespoons of brown rice instead of white rice. As a side dish, 150 grams of chicken breast is enough. Don’t forget to eat vegetables to complete your nutrition and avoid constipation.
Diet snacks in the afternoon: You should fill your stomach with a slice of whole grain bread and a half cup of oatmeal when you do an activity in the afternoon.

Diet menu for dinner: arrange your dinner time so that you can have your dinner two hours before you sleep. This is to avoid the occurrence of acid reflux as direct result of sleeping after eating. Diet recipe that you should serve in the evening is chicken or fish. You can also eat non-fat beef as much as 100 grams. When you want to eat rice, eat brown rice as much as 8 to 9 tablespoons. As your evening snack, it is enough to drink milk with a high protein low fat and low sugar, and an apple or orange.
That’s all about recipe you may concern when you go on a diet. Of course you’d better do some exercises as well to make sure that your diet program really works.

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