Healthy mindset for a healthy food

“Youare what you eat.”

The saying above means in order to be fit and healthy you need to eat a good food. It goes without saying that eating right can help you get an ideal weight and avoid some health problems. But don’t you know that food you consume may influence your mood? This writing will open up your mind about food and its influences to your mind and vice versa.

Healthy mindset for a healthy food

Healthy mindset for a healthy food

Have you ever hadbad mood or you feel stressed? Reducing stress can be overcome by eating healthy foods. This can be done by eating more vegetables and fruits, cooking your own food at home, and reducing the consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates. If you are already stressed, try changing your eating habits and adjust the composition of your food properly until you do not meet the symptoms.

Furthermore, how to set up the portion and composition of your food for a healthy diet while many foods we prefer not included in it? A surefire way to overcome this is to reorganize our mindset. Here are some tips:

Take your time to achieve your success

Suddenly changing your favorite foods into healthy foods will not bring you success in diet program. This will actually make you saturate gradually. And finally your diet program failed. Start with small thing like adding a salad to your diet every day so that this small change can become a habit. Next, you can add other healthy components into your food.

Make it simple

Do not overcomplicate your diet program so you think that diet is hard to do. Instead of counting calories in your food, think to vary your diet in terms of color and variations. Choose fresh foods and avoid packaged food.

Recognize your feeling after eating

It is important that you pay attention to how you feel after eating. Healthier foods tend to give a better feeling. While junk food usually leaves uncomfortable and nauseous feelings, and even drained energy.

Keep it balance

You need to pay attention to balanced nutrition when you are doing a diet. You may strongly believe in one of diet methods which removes carbohydrate for example,so you do not eat carbs at all. In fact, a balanced diet consist of fats, vitamins and minerals, proteins, waters, fibers and include carbohydrates sustainable for a healthy body.

Keep eating what you love to eat

A healthy diet does not mean eliminating your favorite foods from the menu list. If you like pizza, you may eat pizza once a week. However, make it balanced by reducing the calories you eat with the number of calories contained in the pizza. If you eat 150 calories of the foods you like in the morning, then balance by reducing 150 calories when you are having lunch or dinner. If you still feel hungry, you can add more fruits and vegetableson your menu.

Don’t ban a particular food

When you ban certain foods, naturally you’ll want those foods more. Start by reducing the portion sizes of unhealthy foods and try not to eat them as often as possible. In the end you will think that it is only your occasional indulgences.


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