Considering a healthy diet, Keep an eye on your market basket

You have a choice to decide what things to pick up. Considering a healthy diet, of course you have to choose and buy the most nutritious one. Always keep an eye on foods in your market basket.

Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss

Here are keys to shop healthy diet:

Bring your shopping list

Always bring your shopping list whenever you go shopping and stick to it. Plan carefully what things to buy. Then, make sure that those things are what you really need.

Foods to fulfill your healthy diet include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, lean meat, fish, poultry, beans, and nuts. Don’t buy anything exclude from the list even discount is everywhere. Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, professor of nutrition at New York University says, “Markets perform a great public service, but keep in mind they are designed to get you to buy (and, therefore, eat) more food, not less.” Therefore, you should have smart choices.

Check nutrition facts

Nutrition facts is your guidance for healthy shopping. You can compare the nutrition between two or more products to decide your healthy choice.

Consider table below when you look at nutrition facts

Keep these high Keep these low
Fiber Cholesterol
Potassium Trans fat
Vitamin A, C, E Sodium
Calcium and Magnesium Sugar


Use % Daily Value (% DV) when looking at nutrition facts. 5% DV or less is categorized as low. Meanwhile, 20%DV or more is categorized as high.

Find the right place

To save your time, you’d better go to the right section where the foods you need exist. Many grocery stores have certain shelves with certain types of food. Colette Pester and Dr. Lora Wilder on their article entitled Build a Healthy Diet with Smart Shopping put food location based on food group. Look at this table!

Food Group Typical Store Location(s) Best Choices
Fruits Produce Aisle
Canned Goods
Freezer Aisle
Salad Bar
Variety! Fresh, Frozen, Canned and Dried Fruits.
Vegetables Produce Aisle
Canned Goods
Freezer Aisle
Salad Bar
Pasta, Rice & Bean Aisle
Variety! Fresh, Frozen and Canned (especially dark green and orange). Dry Beans and Peas.
Grains Bakery
Bread Aisle
Pasta & Rice Aisle(s)
Cereal Aisle
Whole Grains for at least half of choices.
Milk,Yogurt, & Cheese
(calcium-rich foods)
Dairy Case
Refrigerated Aisle
Non-Fat and Low-Fat Milk, Yogurt, Low-Fat and Fat-Free Cheeses
Meat and Beans
Soy,& Nuts
(protein foods)
Meat & Poultry Case
Seafood Counter
Egg Case
Canned Goods
Salad Bar
Lean Meats, Skinless Poultry, Fish, Legumes (dried beans and peas), and Nuts.

Extra expense?

Sure it needs extra expense when you choose organic fruits and vegetables. There’s always extra price for the best quality. But when the organic choice leads you fall into choosing only one kind of fruits or vegetables, you should avoid that. It’s better to have varied fruit and veggie because you can’t get all vitamins and minerals you need from a particular fruit.

That’s all keys for healthy diet shopping and diet programs. Are you ready to make your own healthy diet?

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