5 Belly Fat Myths That Will Change Your Workout

Now is the time, right? You want that awesomeness of a body. You want to feel great and slide ever so nicely into those new swim trunks or bikini after winter fades away and the birds start chirping. Maybe you just want to see your feet, fit into that dress that cost you nearly a hedge fund’s worth of investments.

Belly Fat Myths That Will Change Your Workout

Belly Fat Myths That Will Change Your Workout

You want to lose that belly fat!

You may want six pack abs, but you’ll be fine with not bulging out like the purple dinosaur kids watch on television.

So, you begin. Men start cutting back on the beer by one or two during football, getting in a few stomach crunches and the women start buying all the supplements they can find telling nearly everyone about their fat shredder.

Here is the thing. Most of what you’ve read and seen on television about shredding belly fat are myths.

Myth 1: One Million Crunches Will Shred Belly Fat

While crunches and sit-ups are often the most popular abdominal workout they have little effect on belly fat. While they engage certain muscles, they tend to only focus on a small percentage of the muscles that make up a strong core. Over doing crunches and sit-ups can cause back pain that will make you forget about a flat stomach and six pack abs altogether.

Myth 2: You Can Overcome Poor Eating with Ab Exercises

Not only can you not overcome a poor diet with ab and core exercises, you’ll feel so horrible, you’re likely to quit before you lose any weight. Poor diet may be the cause of your motivation, but it will also quickly take it away. If you want to lose the fat, eat healthy and burn more calories. Even eating healthy can still give poor results if you overindulge and choose foods high in sodium.

Myth 3: Energy Foods and Drinks Will Power Me Through Ab Workouts

Are you thinking that a Red Bull and a bagel will power you through an ab workout? They may give you the energy, but a spike in insulin will likely keep you from losing fat. Instead try natural carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits, brown rice, beans and oatmeal.

Myth 4: You Can Shortcut Your Way to a Flat Tummy Using Supplements

Unfortunately, while some supplements may help you burn some fat, it’s often too slow a process to actually help you with results. Relying on supplements and shorting yourself on training and diet will lead to less than stellar results.

Myth 5: Daily Training Will Give Me a Six Pack In No Time

There is a prevailing thought that the abdominal and core body muscles are somehow different than the rest of the musculature in our bodies. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just as arm and leg muscles require support from surrounding muscles, so do your abdominals. Core stabilizers, such as your back, hip flexors and even the rest of your body contribute to creating a flat stomach and strong abdominals. Therefore, like all muscle groups, your abs need rest to get strong and healthy.


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